Use-cases & Features for:

  • Owners: Health coefficient for your solar plant which counts the number of strings under-performing the aggregate performance and lets you know quickly. Owner only needs to know one simplified KPI that captures the performance of your plant over the last few days.
  • Owners: Advanced ticketing system for fast and accurate sub-contractor management. Upload geo-fenced photos, comments and time stamped edits and according to user profile type. 
  • O&M Engineers: Monitor more plants due to time efficiency savings. Improve your throughput and variable isolation on large solar plants.
  • O&M Engineers: Advanced fast-feedback on string monitoring for your input data-feed.

Benefits & Options for:

  • Owners: Easier reporting for the owners of the solar plant with simple KPI and more detailed reports at 5-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly intervals about the energy produced.
  • Owners and O&M Engineers: Sub-contractor management control. Lower your uncertainty as O&M provider or Asset Manager.
  • Owners: Project management platform. 
  • Crowd Owners: Periodic signing of your data that was produced with secure element technology.  This extends to crowd ownership of the solar plant. 
  • Crowd Owners: Interaction with the Mysolar Apollo Datalogger and Secure Data Platform, which also allows for "knowledge of the crowd audits" on your plants data when shared.