Trustless Datalogging for the Solar Deconomy


  • Easy to incorporate into your P2P decentralized energy trading or energy provenance project.
  • SolarCoin or carbon-offset rewards project integration via API.
  • Have confidence in the generation of origin of your solar plants energy generation data by signing with the platform.


  • Secure data oracle is surfaced for more open use cases.
  • Confidence in your private key data through hardware encryption.
  • This lightweight platform consists of hardware and an environment where you can easily audit that data that was produced by your solar plant. 
  • Physical on-site tamper proof hardware. Self-destruct mechanism when data perimeter is breached.
  • Periodic signing of your data that was produced. 
  • Interaction with Mysolar Solar-Mesh Secure Platform.

An example of the added physical security module that fits onto the Mysolar Apollo Datalogger, and/or the hardware can be used stand alone for data authenticity signing at your solar plant.

The data is then fed to the platform and an API is served for you to interact with for your use case.