The Gold Standard for the Solar Deconomy


  • Trusted secure data oracle is surfaced for more open use cases. Confidence in private key data.
  • A key piece for your project to participate in the new business models of the Solar Deconomy.
  • Smart contract interaction with your solar project.
  • Highest quality solar energy generation data on the planet due to the use of multiple encryption layers and blockchains. 

Apollo Datalogger


This is the new GOLD STANDARD in the Solar Deconomy.


What is the Solar Deconomy? It's power to the people.



Solar Monitoring 

Status Quo Solar Deconomy with Apollo
Zero interaction between vendors  Open-collaboration
Non-transparent and not mathematically secure Transparent and secure elements used to protect private data.
Limited login environment Smart contracts for multiple use cases
Limited use cases Base layer for new business models
Innovation potential- nearly saturated Innovation potential- blue ocean
Peer-to-peer(P2P) transactions in limited scenarios More than 50+ P2P Energy Networks
Rewards only valid to particular vendor Open-system rewards such as SolarCoin and others
Investor feedback for owners, managers only Crowd investing feedback and knowledge of the crowd
Sometimes questionable data authenticity & no audits. Sometimes questionable security of source data. Knowledge of data authenticity at source via multiple encryption frameworks
Who audits the auditors? Audit the data at source via the crowd
Limited API's Multiple communities with hundreds of API's being constantly developed
Limited community interaction Communities growing exponentially
Usually centralized Mostly decentralized
Large established players enjoying high investment returns Anyone with a smart phone enjoying solar energy investment returns

Mysolar Investments K.K. Specifications for Apollo-369 Version1.2
Specifications for the datalogger.
Mysolar Investments K.K. Specifications
Adobe Acrobat Document 155.2 KB
Mysolar Investments K.K. Flyer for Apollo-369 Version1.2
Flyer for the datalogger.
Mysolar Investments K.K. Flyer for Apoll
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB